Hand in Hand is the interactive capstone of the 6-part web series Earn A Living, designed for the phone. The project explores the concept of universal basic income and our changing relationship with work around the world.

The complete Earn a Living project was first presented at an IDFA DocLab Live event and the app Hand in Hand has its festival premiere at CPH:DOX 2019.


Written by
Yuval Orr
Produced by
High Road Stories
Creative Technologist
Mike Robbins

Earn A Living is a co-production with Upian, Arte, VPRO, Bayerischer Rundfunk and Hamsa Films.



Let’s help robots help us

The next two decades will bring a radical difference to our relationship to work, as more and more jobs are being automated. What will happen when our jobs are outsourced to robots? Find out in the humorous AR app Hand in Hand.


Imagine the year 2057: the workplace balance between AI and humans has finally been tipped in the former’s favour. As part of the government’s efforts to acclimate its citizens to this new reality, they’ve developed the Hand-in-Hand program a step-by-step tutorial on how to interact with the AI that is now all around us, led by each user’s own AI companion.

As humans go job-free (aka, they’ve lost their jobs), they are placed into Hand-in-Hand. In exchange for working together with the robots that support society, citizens can earn UBI (Universal Basic Income) points and ‘earn a living’ that way. Users are encouraged to embrace their brave, new world in which ‘work’ as they’ve known it, will no longer be a part of their daily lives.